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Motley Mutton Farm

Welcome to the web home of Motley Mutton Farm! I'm so happy to share my love for the art of felting with others. I've met such wonderful people through the years I've been enjoying this art and hope you'll take the time to relax and look around the site.

Although at this time I don't sell my sculptures on my website, I have been selling them for many years on Ebay through my user name "Motleymutton." I never know what I'm going to come up with, where my imagination will lead me, or what event in my life will inspire my newest listing, so please check my link to Ebay often. When things are going well, I usually offer about one creation a week there.

Recently, I've also opened a small "store" on Etsy, that great little place where quirky artists like myself peddle their wares. You can see what is currently available in the little boxes to the left (you must have Java Script enabled to see it). I LOVE's small, very homey, cozy, and fun. Please take a look and see if I have anything there too! I'm hoping to soon begin selling not just sculpts, but also some of my wool through the store. And believe me, with all my unusual mutt-like sheep, I have some pretty unique fiber to share.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger!

Nancy B.

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